HR Consulting

Because our group consists of human resources professional experts, we are familiar with the latest industry standards. Whether it's employment law, succession planning, labor relations, training or recruitment, we have the solution!  Our SHRM affiliated professionals are committed to providing outstanding human resources support. We work as a seamless partner to help you tackle your human resource headaches. As a result, you will be able to focus on more important things, like profitability!

Unlike most HR firms, we do not take a "one size fits all" approach. We offer flexibility and choice in your HR services and Island Human Resources offers the following human resource consulting services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your organization.

Our process is simple! Our goal is to create a qualified workforce! We follow these steps:

STEP 1: Analysis
We work with your company to analyze your operational HR processes and any pressing issues that negatively impact your business. We identify key stakeholders; speak with management and staff to assess your organization's current situation.
STEP 2: Design
We design a customized solution for your organization creating timelines and specific deliverables to ensure the most effective results. We identify constraints and establish realistic goals.
STEP 3: Implementation
We deliver a solution that is feasible for all stakeholders involved. We provide interactive, engaging training programs and monitor progress, analyze and make adjustments, if needed.
STEP 4: Evaluate
We survey your team to evaluate success. We remain available for ongoing support. We celebrate your team's success.




Recruitment  Services

Need help articulating exactly what you are looking for?  Need clear job descriptions that capture the essence of the position you are hiring for?  Rely on our expertise to guide you through the recruitment process.  We can conduct interviews for you or coach you through the process.

Our HR consultants and recruitment services will help you interview, check references and get the right people in quickly! 
Hire with confidence with us by your side.

  • Candidate sourcing     
  • Reference and background checks
  • Job  descriptions                      
  • Employment ad creation and online job posting
  • Applicant tracking and  profiling
  • Candidate screening and interviews
  • Employment offer letters and agreements 
  •  New hire orientations




Strategy and Projects

Island Human Resources will consult and help you implement “operational” HR practices if they don’t already exist in your company, or if they require improving.

Alternatively, Island Human Resources can provide you with a senior level practitioner who will act as your HR manager – a popular solution for organizations that do not require a full-time HR manager or who are unable to retain or recruit a suitable HR manager.

Island Human Resources specializes in a range of initiatives that assist organizations to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through the development and implementation of robust HR frameworks, systems and processes.

These include:

  • HR policy development and policy reviews
  • HR departmental audits and reviews
  • Organizational surveys
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Staff retention modeling and planning
  • Restructuring and resizing your business
  • Strategic modeling according to business objectives
  • Training needs analysis and workforce planning
  • Training of HR professionals in “best practice” HR
  • Organizational climate surveys
  • Performance management reviews
  • Other one-off HR projects tailored to suit your business needs and budget

Ask us today about a dedicated HR practitioner for your organization!




Background Screening
Effective background screening and reference checking increases the likelihood of making a good hiring decision. Hiring employees without complete information on candidates could lead to costly mistakes and may subject an employer to liability for its hiring decision. When you work with our recruitment specialists we validate each candidate’s professional qualifications and experience and confirm their industry reputation.