Career Management Services ::

Island Human Resources offers the following career management services to our professional job seekers.

Workforce Readiness
A recent study examining corporate training practices found almost half of the employers surveyed provide workforce readiness training for new hires, but with less than stellar results. These remedial training programs are designed to build skills that employers expect new employees to have when they are hired, especially as high school, two-year college and four-year college graduates.

Island Human Resources offers a comprehensive set of services and support so that youth (ages 17-24) achieve work readiness and begin on their path to employment and self-sufficiency.  Youth are able to work with an HR professional to identify possible career paths and to develop "soft skills" that are needed to obtain and maintain employment.


Resume & Cover Letter Writing
Island Human Resources realizes that every resume receives less than 30 seconds of attention from the person reviewing it. Our HR professional is ready to work with you now to create a unique and personalized document that markets you for the position you seek and sets you apart from the competition.



Interview Coaching
A well-written resume will open the door to job interviews, but the applicant’s performance in that interview is what will determine if the job offer follows. How can you increase your chances of turning interviews into a job offer?

Let our staff of experienced human resource professionals work with you now so that you will make a great first impression at any job interview.


Mock Interviews with Personalized Feedback

Our mock interview sessions are designed so that you will learn how to project a winning attitude, put effective interview strategies into action, and increase your chances of turning interviews into a job offer. 

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a winning communications strategy
  • Establish rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Develop techniques for handling difficult questions
  • Overcome negative questions regarding career challenges
  • Effectively respond to salary questions and negotiate benefits
  • End the interview on a positive note
  • Follow up and get the job offer